How our Cavaliers are born and grow:  Page not completed….


    Most of our puppies are born in our bedroom, however sometime we do need to have a surgical c-section.  The husband and wife team Dr. Jay Randall who is a Master Surgeon and Dr. Jo-Ann Randall is a Theriogenologist, reproductive specialist make sure our girls and babies have the best surgical care that can be offered.  

Here is one of our girls that can be seen in the operator fully intubated and being prepped and ready for surgery.     


Dr. Randall makes the incision in a sterile field. 


He then carefully rotates the puppy and amniotic sac through the small incision in the uterus. 


The puppy's tail and back feet can be seen through the thin portion of the placenta sac.  


The sac is rotated and will showing the attaching placenta and the small second sac.  


Within seconds of the first incision, the head!  The nose, eyes, brown of the ears and a blenheim spot on this little girl just seconds before her first breath!


We are all too busy cleaning and warming the babies at this point.  Next time I will get some photos for you. 

Below is our mum nicely recovering.  Cozy in her warm blanket bed and her IV is even hooked to a warmer as you can see on the left corner.  As soon as she is up and walking and all the babies are checked we head home!   



The Black & Tan puppy, Randal is 6 week old here and normal in size.  The Tiny blenheim guy is actually two weeks old and has just doubled his weight from birth.  Tiny is getting an extra meal and sharing the milk bar with his cousin.  Feeding the mother a healthy diet and constant monitoring of babies to make sure that they are gaining properly and thriving.  


This is an excellent example of how much they grow over a short period of time. 


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