Items we personally use and companies we suggest: 

CALIFORNIA VETERINARY SUPPLY  For almost 20 years now we have been ordering many of our supplies from California Veterinary Supply.  Amber is always happy to give us the updated information.  We order dental hygiene, eye and ear medications, wormers, some vaccines, anti-diahiarrheal, probiotics and more.  A good example of their price comparisons is Nutracal - a high calorie vitamin and energy supplement is $15.99 at PetSmart and $3.59 at CalVetSupply.  Free shipping on orders $59.00 and over.   


 CHRISTI'S CANINE CAFE   We are very wary of many bones and chew items for dogs especially with the recent problems of contaminated items coming from China.  Christi who owns Christi's Canine Cafe has been our consistent source of quality chew bones for over 20 years.   Everything is made in the USA and her home cooked dog cookies are a real hit!  LynWood Cavaliers have her number on speed dial! 


CRATES  I like wire crates because they allow good ventilation and the dog can see what is going and be safe.  Over the years one of the best crates for the money has been Precision.  I like the Black wire crate that also folds up for easy transportation and can be set up again in a hotel room in a minute or less.  The size we use is a 2000 or 18x24.   Amazon is one of the best places to order for about $45  Old towels work great for the puppy and crate pads for the adults.  Warning: Purchase with 1 DOOR only.  NEVER buy with an upper hatch door! Double doors only spell trouble for a loose or injured dog.   

LEASHES  There is nothing better than a wonderful leather lead that is soft and easy to hold.  When shopping at pet stores it always amazes me to see these narrow dainty leads for a toy dog and then you get to the clasp and it is the same size as what a Husky or Great Dane would use!  Check it out and have a good laugh next time you are in a pet store.  

     We purchase all our leads from J&J Dog Supplies.  At one time they only made dog leads and now they sport a full catalogue packed full of dog training items.  This company and you will not be disappointed with their leather leads.   Buy two… the extra is always handy when the first one is mistakenly used as a chew toy.   I use the 1/4 inch thick 6 foot lead and a slip lead for quick walks.     

Please DO NOT use Flexible leads  They are extremely dangerous and you do not have ample control of your dog.   Here is a quick YouTube of a dog that the owner got on but the dog didn't.  I personally have seen this happened to a show dog in a 4 star hotel.  The dog in this video went unscathed, but the one I saw ended up with an injured trachea. A dog can take off and by the time they hit the end either hurt themselves or you… worse if the snap comes loose it is flying right back to you!  If the dog runs around the legs or ankles you can get rope burns not to mention trip someone up.  Need I say more?  A good 6 foot lead is more than ample distance for your dog. 


MARTINGALE TRAINING COLLAR is what we use for training.  We also use Martingale leads for the show ring.  There are many sizes and styles.  Find the one that works best for you.  I have ordered several from the UK that I love. 

ROLLED NATURAL COLLAR  natural leather for the adults.   Word of caution: I learned the hard way that red ones leave a wonderful red ring on Cavalier pearly white when wet.  That ring seemed to stay 'forever' as a humbling reminder that natural is always better! 

 BRUSHES  The natural brushes made by BASS are some of my favorite.  I find them either on Amazon, Ebay or at the dog shows.  They feel good in my hand, they are made with quality materials with bamboo handles and seem to withstand several years of good use.  

   For daily brushing I use the boar bristle and also the pin slicker brush For daily brushing I use the boar bristle and also the pin slicker brush;_ylt=AwrB8pAhYzlWTDQAZj4unIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0bWkyYTJjBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANmMDU1MGEyMDU2MTM2MWJiMjkzM2YyMjMwM2ViMjRkZARncG9zAzIwOQRpdANiaW5n?.origin=&
 Bass Brushes Bass Pet Groomer with Rubber Grips - Soft Slicker Style 1 ...
 Bass Pet Grooming Slicker Style Brushes with Natural Bamboo Handles

For brushing while blowdrying I use the wood pin brush.  I also use this with my puppies because it is soft and almost like a massage.  They come in different sizes and with the babies I use the small and adults I use the round.  

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