Pet Insurance for Cavaliers

 The question of Pet Insurance is frequently asked by our puppy owners and friends.  We do not carry insurance because the majority of our veterinary costs are for health testing or reproduction which is not covered by pet insurance.  

  So I turned to the people that know the best.  My vet and her office manager.  They said hands down for catastrophic coverage that TRUPANION had the best payment and allowed for the best coverage of treatment plans.  Most of it is for issues of foreign body ingestion or trauma injury.  As I understand it does not cover for inherited issues such as MVD, CM/SM or many eye issues.  Please call and make sure for yourself.  

  Our Cavaliers follow the 'minimum' Immunization program by Dr. Dodds.  The basic health check ups that the Pet Wellness and everyday care I would break even or it would with two it would actually be more than paying myself.  If I had a dog from unknown background needing multiple fecal tests and shots it may be worth it for the first year. 

  We use AKC Health Clinics for group rate specialists.  You can find the  dates and locations on for clinics near you.  The clinics have Board Certified Cardiologists and Ophthalmologists and other specialists and it is open to all dogs.  You may need to make an appointment.  The health clinics range from $30-40 per vet.  These would not be covered via the Wellness insurance plans, however are essential for the long term health of your Cavalier. 

  In conclusion, after much calling and talking I can only recommend Trupanion for catastrophic insurance.  Veterinary Pet Insurance VPI was the original and there are now dozens of new ones including 30 days free from AKC.  Please check them out and then also get the prices from your vet if you were paying the charges yourself and compare.  


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