When to Spay - Neuter your Cavalier  

This is one question that all pet owners ask us.  After consultation with our Veterinarian that is also a Theriogenologist ( A veterinarian that specializes in canine reproduction) and reviewed of the statistics on cancer in the Cavalier, we have come to this conclusion for our Cavaliers.  

All LynWood Cavaliers that are for companion homes are under contract to be Spay - Neutered.   This is our philosophy at this time and our reasoning follows.  

Males should be Neutered around the age of 2.   Some boys become dosed in testosterone and due to training and household manners can be neutered early if needed.  

Females should be Spayed about 3 months after their first heat cycle. This allows for their full bone and growth development and yet protects them from mammary and other cancers.   

  The decision of the best timing to Spay or Neuter is sometimes complicated.  The Society for Theriogenology is an organization of veterinarians with a special interest in reproduction in veterinary medicine.  They believe that companion animals not intended for breeding should be spayed or neutered; however, they believe that the decision must be made on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the pet's age, breed, sex, intended use, household environment and temperament.  

Current research has shown that there can be positive effects of the sex steroid hormones that are produced by the ovaries and testes.  Early Spay - Neuter prior to puberty or sexual maturity may make the risk of some diseases higher in certain breeds and the option to leave an animal intact must be available to the pet owner.  

In Cavaliers we are particularly interested in full bone growth for reduced issues with hip dysplasia and luxating patellas.   There is study also on the early onset of MVD in correlation to early spay/neuter with the Cavalier.  Cancer is now on the rise in the Cavalier and so we as owners are in a balancing game.  

Most Veterinarians want to have client dogs spay/neutered at 6 months, however all the research that is current shows different.  Please review the and years of watching Cavaliers points to the protocol that the Theriogenologists recommend and males at 24 months and girls after their first heat cycle but just prior to their second.  Anything after a second heat cycle negates the benefits in girls for mammary cancer. 


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