LynWood SevenWoods Big Miracle - Faith

  If you see Woody, you will find Faith!  They are inseparable.  Cavaliers have been known to choose their owners and well… Faith choose Woody!    

   Faith has a horrible habit of chewing her ears.  After months of wearing snoods, the two are finally in the show ring.     

Dam:  Sevenwoods E Trixie Palmer 

Sire:    AKC CH Sevenwoods Highfield Dune

Heart: Clear

Eye: Clear

Hips: -  TBA at age 2

Patellas: - TBA at age 2

DNA: Clear by heriditiy 

MRI for SM/CM: Clear 

Click the OFA Canine Health Information Center CHIC Logo below to view some of China's health certificates.  China has a clean MRI scan for CM/SM.,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNGkkbs5XtspDC7th_IzGwHUJw7LlA&ust=1388873708003771

Faith has been bred and due to whelp the first week in April 2015 

©  Linda Baird & Woody Goode 2015