Interested in a LynWood Puppy?

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We are thrilled that you  are interested in a LynWood Cavalier! We are always happy to answer questions about the breed, health testing and our breeding program.  

Linda and Woody have been committed to the world of dogs for over 30 years.  As active members of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Chicago, exhibit at local shows, Cavalier Specialty Shows and annually attend the Cavalier National Specialty.  

Always attending seminars, researching pedigrees and staying current on health testing to better the next generation.  


Annual Cavalier Health Clinic at the Animal Hospital of Woodstock sponsored by the Cavalier Club of Greater Chicago 2014-2016. As the Health Chairman for the last three years, Linda chaired annual clinic that saw over 300 Cavaliers and then open to All Breeds in one day.  Board certified Cardiologist Dr. Michale Luethy, Board Certified Opthlmologist Dr. Wasserman, Theriogenologist Dr. Jo Ann Randall, Veterinarians Dr. Jason Randall, Dr. Chris Shule and Dr. Dustin Babler. Pictured with is Rosalyn Rosenfeld, Meg Hennessy, Julie Elliot and Piera Brown. 

 Linda has been active with the Van Andel Group - Dr. Neff and his research on early deafness.  In 2012 she spearheaded a national DNA swab collection for 3,500 individual Cavaliers for this research.  Currently, she is working to  inform breeders and pet owners about the importance of MRI scanning to reduce the incidence of CM/SM.  

 As the Chairman of the Health Committee for the Cavalier Club of Greater Chicago, Linda organized six reduced cost MRI clinics in 2015 and 5 in 2016. 

 The annual health clinic had over 300 Cavalier attendees this year to see Board certified Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist, a veterinarian certified patellas and microchip clinic with AKC.    

 As with many responsible breeders, Linda & Woody  health test and openly provide test results for all of their dogs including the Dam and Sire of your puppy and the grandparents.  We also provide links to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) where most of our certifications are now listed online.  

 This is NOT a selling / marketing tool, but our standard breeding protocol.  Here is a list of health tests that each LynWood Cavalier has prior to being bred.  If you click on the header it will take you to the health topic and explain the test and why it is essential for a healthy Cavalier Puppy.  

Eyes:   Starting at 8 weeks and then Annually by  Dr. Steve Sissler DMV DACVO is a Board Certified Opthamologist.   

Heart: Annually with our Board Certified Canine Cardiologist

Hips / PatellasAt Age 2 X-rays by Dr. JoAnn Randall and patella exams are submitted to OFA for grading and listed on 

DNA  For Curly Coat / Dry Eye and Episodic Falling Disorder by the Animal Health Trust in England.   We send saliva swabs and receive the DNA test results.  

 MRI - SYRINGOMYELIA:      After the age of 2 our Cavaliers are MRI scanned with Dr. Michael Podel in Chicago IL.      

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We feel that annual Heart & Eye exams and a MRI scan for CM/SM over the age of 2 are critical for each of our Cavaliers that we breed.  MRI scanning is current means to determine if a dog is clear or affected.  Many Cavaliers are affected but asymptomatic until later in life.  

All of our puppies are sold as companion dogs and are placed on spay/neuter contracts.  They will have all the privileges with ACK and can compete in Agility, Jr. Showmanship, Obedience and Rally and more.   

LynWood puppies always have a home here in the event that you are no longer capable to care for your Cavalier.  They are never allowed to go to a shelter or placed in Rescue.  We also microchip all our puppies with the AKC REUNITE program which has a 100% return rate and no crazy annual fees! It will alert you the owner if there is an issue and we the breeder if you are not able to be reached.  

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When adopting  a LynWood puppy, you get us for life!  We are only a phone call, text or email away for any questions that should arise during the lifetime of your Cavalier.  Our puppy owners are not clients they are friends!   

Call or email us with any questions.  We always have time to talk about Cavaliers.  

We are blessed to work closely with four other co-breeders that have the same health testing standards.   We keep one master list of puppy inquiries.  We work diligently to match each puppies' personality with their new perspective forever homes.   You may email me for our questionnaire that will open a dialogue of questions about Cavalries and our breeding program.  

We look forward to meeting you!  

Linda & Woody 

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You can fill out our Questionaire and get the process started.  

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