LynWood Seven Bridges Road - LoveBug      Retired

    LoveBug is now retired and rules the house with a firm hand always in the hunt for a chew bone or snack!  LoveBug is extremely healthy, has an excellent MRI scan and all her health information is on OFA.  She is annually heart and eye tested to maintain her health status and that of her offspring.  This maintains the longevity of our records which we think is extremely important to our breeding program.   


Dam:  LynWood Pont Rouge  

Sire:    AKC CH Sevenwoods Desperado

Heart: Clear

Eye: Clear

Hips: Good

Patellas: Good

DNA: Clear

MRI for SM/CM: Excellent 

Click the OFA Canine Health Information Center CHIC Logo below to view some of China's health certificates.  China has also been MRI scanned for CM/SM,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNGkkbs5XtspDC7th_IzGwHUJw7LlA&ust=1388873708003771
IMG 5047

   LoveBug's  father,  Ch SevenWoods Desperado - (Duke) photographed below, was shown by Meg Hennessey for his AKC championship.  Duke then spent a year with Linda and Woody on the Gulf Coast and learned to be a real dog that went swimming and boating! 

   LoveBug's mother LynWood Pont Rouge (Jewel) is a funny little Ruby girl (seen below in the red costume) that is now proudly owned by Dr. & Mrs. Michael Podel in Chicago.  Jewl is now 9 and heart clear and keeps up with the Podel's family retriever.    

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     LoveBug comes from 5 generations of  LynWood breeding back to LynWood Laird of Kenjockety that was from AKC CH Kenjockty Black Absolute that was my first whole color Cavalier that was bred by Vanessa Weber.  She was line bred for several generations by Homerbrent  - Molly Coaker in England.  

     Ruska was sold as a 'brood bitch', however my daughter, Rebecca had bigger plans and finshed Ruska's Championship in record time and was ranked #1 Cavalier Junior Handler that same year.      


     Buggy had two lovely litters one that produced LynWood Seven Wonders of World - Molly who lives with us.   

    Buggy was then bred back to her grandsire SevenWoods Dakota that has one of the best MRI scans and she produced:

LynWood Picture Perfect - Marilyn Monroe is co-owned by Connie Ogasawara and is being bred the summer of 2015

LynWood Perfect Pitch - Hunter  - Stars in 'The Age of Adeline" with Blake Lively and Harrison Ford.  Hunter is owned by Linda Hauser and has his Canadian Championship

LynWood Perfect Mind - Einstein 

TriWood Perfect Ten - Ten  - is co-owned with Meg Hennessey and is now working on his AKC grand Championship.  He has a clear MRI scan


     LynWood Picture Perfect - Marilyn Monroe who is owned by Connie and Steve.  Marilyn took 2nd in the 6-9 month Futurity at the 2013 National Specialty and  1 st place in the Sweeps and followed with a 4th in a very large class for the 2013 National.  She is always in the ribbons when not in her shades!   Connie will be showing Marilyn in 2014!!


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