TriWood and Co-Breeders 

Most dog breeders are either an individual, husband and wife, or family teams.  Very seldom do you ever see three or four breeders that collaborate on they're breeding programs.  

I feel very blessed and we would not be where were are today if it had not been for 

Susan Shidler - SevenWoods

Meg & Mike Hennessey - Snowood

Sandy & Doug Liston - WoodHaven

Connie & Steve Ogasawara - Woodview

You will notice many of these kennel names attached to the dogs on our website.  We are normally seen together at one function or another.  There never seems to be a MRI scanning or C-section birth that there isn't a group of us in support.  

     TriWood Cavaliers  

Because of our group and trying to combine multiple kennel names it was suggested that we have one kennel name.  

TriWood  includes

    Susan Shidler          SevenWoods

    Meg Hennessey     Snowood

    Linda Baird              LynWood 

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