Therapy Dogs   

We have been blessed to have many LynWood Cavaliers become successful certified Therapy Dogs.  Not every dog has the desire or ability to be a therapy or service dog.  

Therapy dogs and their owners volunteer in schools, hospitals and nursing homes.  They work as a team to improve and bring love to the lives of so many.    



SevenWoods LynWood Miracle Worker, "Joy", is a registered therapy dog and truly lives up to her name.  She has the ability to know immediately who needs her.  She has a quiet and calming charm yet interactive ability to connect with individuals. The calming effect that Joy provides children and patients in the hospital is truly a miracle.  I honestly believe she is an Angel. 

LynWood Great Detective  "Sherlock" shows off his fancy basketball work that he performs at the hospital with Children and adult patients.  Sherlock is a registered Therapy dog and loves to entertain and find special friends.  His favorite trick is when his owner says 'Sherlock ready to go to the next room?' Sherlock will lean into his new found friend and stick to the bed like velcro.  This of course endears him to his new found friend!   


 Researchers have studied the interaction of therapy dogs and people.  Finally confirming what dog handlers have known intuitively for years, the 'therapeutic touch'.  

Now there is proven science that shows that within minutes of petting a dog people release various neurotransmitters in the brian, the levels of oxytocin and dopamine are increased all while cortisol levels, an immunosuppressant associated with stress are decreased.  They also verified that dog visits help calm children with the stresses of being in a hospital, away from family and familiar surroundings. They also are not feeling well and then to be able to touch and interact with a visiting Therapy dog actually increased their immune systems and reduced depression and stress. 

An excellent example of the use of a therapy dog is the building of self-confidence.  Many children have difficulties reading.  As a result they can develop low self-esteem when reading in public.  By reading to a dog, the child will relax and focus on the dog and reading.  


Children and adults with physical movement or mobility issues often tire in rehabilitation programs.  Tired of endless repetitions or discouraged.  Games with trained therapy dogs such as throwing a bean bag is an excellent game. The child or adult is throwing the bag and if they miss, the therapy dog will retrieve the bag and complete the goal.   Great fun for everyone! 


This is the late mother of one of our puppy owners.  Permission was given to use this rare picture.  Ginger, the Cavalier, went to rehab almost every day to assist.  The hands that you see at the lower left are requesting that Ginger come….. hmmm that does not appear to be going well.  I think they needed some more bonding time! 

Ginger's presence was requested daily and brought so much happiness during the weeks of  her recovery.  

We are honored to share two very special therapy dogs, Joy and Sherlock.  They are a LynWood and SevenWoods babies.  Both are registered therapy dogs and work 20 plus hours a week at a Children's oncology floor with their wonderful owner and very close family friend Dianne.  Each holiday they personally deliver over 300 small bags of holiday cheer to each child, nurses and office staff.  The bags are hand made so that they can carry them.  They exemplify the giving of Christmas!     

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